AX Ultimate Thinner 26T


AX 26T Ultimate Thinner

Counterpart to the AX Ultimate hair cutting shear, this blending shear features the same unique handle design. The 26 grooved teeth allows one to slide cut when performing your favorite cutting techniques. Forged from Authentic Japanese Hitachi Steel. Removes weight and softly blends layers leaving no lines.


WARRANTY: All Washi Scissors have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Damage caused by neglect or abuse and shears serviced by unauthorized sharpeners will void your warranty. All service work should be performed by an authorized sharpening company

SHEAR LENGTH: 6.0 - 26 tooth thinner
STEEL: Forged Hitachi ATS-314
EDGE WORK: Extreme convex edge | Anti-push edge
HANDLE STYLE: Drop-finger design
FINISH TYPE: Stainless steel

Category: AX, thinner, ultimate

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